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Although resilience has become a particularly hot topic in the last few years, I’ve been studying it since 1991. I love sharing perspectives and insights that can help individuals and organizations increase their readiness for challenge. I’ve written two books: Prosilience: Building Your Resilience for a Turbulent World and Managing Change with Personal Resilience, but I am continually learning new things that I want you to know about—this newsletter is my means of getting those ideas out into the world.

Prosilience is about systematically and intentionally building your readiness for all kinds of challenges. It’s also about what leaders can do to create organizational systems and cultures that enable human energy sustainability and allow people to flex their resilience “muscles.”

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Strategies for building personal and organizational challenge readiness


Workplace psychologist, author, teacher, scientist; organizational change, resilience, well-being. Photographer, traveler, musician, sailor, massage therapist.